How Document Shredding Works

Step #1: One of our commercial grade shredding trucks arrives at your office at a pre-determined scheduled time.

Step #2: A bonded shred truck operator arrives in your office with a rolling bin and collects all of the paper that needs to be shredded. We accept all types of paper including bond paper, magazines, newspaper and glossy stock. We even can shred all paper clips, staples, bull-dog clips, fasteners, binding cases, CD’s and floppy’s too!(IMPORTANT: ONE FULL BIN = 7 STANDARD SIZE BANKERS BOXES)

Step #3: After the driver electronically scans your containers and/or boxes of collected paper, he then rolls it out to the shredding truck and attaches it to the hydraulic elevator located on the side of the truck.

Step #4: The paper is lifted up and tipped into the shredding hopper which feeds the paper into our state-of-the art shredder and is shredded right on-site!  This step features our “no touch” shredding process.

Step#5: Once the shredding is complete, the shred truck operator issues an official digitally generated “Document Of Destruction” on-site, verifying that all of your important documents have been shredded and that the chain-of-custody of your paper has not been broken.

Step#6: All shredded material is dropped off daily at a local recycling facility where the paper is baled and made into second grade paper products.

How Our Document Shredding Service Works

✓  Locking cabinets are provided free of charge so your confidential documents remain safe.  Starting as low as $30.00 per month!
✓  One-time shreds are great for office cleanouts, year-end purges or for destroying outdated files.  Starting as low as $4.00 per box!

Join the thousands of companies that have chosen to shred their confidential documents with 1800-SHREDDING for your company and our environment.  Call (604) 535-2125 or toll free 1-(800) 747-3334 for a quick, reasonable and accurate estimate.